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Welcome to Cabaret Provocateur! Our BIG idea has finally come to fruition after many years in the making. We created Cabaret Provocateur to bring the most polished and freshest cabaret acts from LONDON right to your doorstep in the SUBURBS. Our co-founders, brother and sister Petit Pois and Danny Ash, grew up in Surrey and went on to become award-winning cabaret performers. Now, they return to their hometown and bring the crème de la crème of the London cabaret scene and beyond to you.

As a company, our goal is to expand the cabaret industry to the suburbs. We wish to create platforms and work opportunities for our fellow artists who tirelessly work on their craft. In addition, we aim to provide safe spaces for all the quirky queens to shimmy and scream the night away! Sharing cabaret with new audiences and people who have never seen burlesque or cabaret before is a bonus.

Love Cabaret Provocateur 💋X

Our Story

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Shayla Ash

Petit Pois is the co-creator of Cabaret Provocateur!

She is a multi-award-winning burlesque queen and drag king. Last year, she captivated audiences in New Orleans, known for its glorious burlesque scene, during her sensational international debut.

Petit Pois is also part of the Burlesque troupe, The Cherry Poppers Burlesque. But her contributions do not end there; she is also a member of the Cabaret Collective, Invisible Cabaret, which ingeniously uses the power of burlesque to bring attention to mental health issues.

Moreover, Petit Pois shares her expertise as a teacher at the prestigious Cheek of It! Burlesque School, where she herself was trained seven years ago! This summer, you may have seen her teaching and performing Woman in Red at Soul Circus. 

Petit Pois is a performer who constantly surprises and delights her audience, from spellbinding classic burlesque acts to side-splitting comedic character numbers. Watch as she proves that good things really do come in small packages.

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cabaret provocateur co-founder Mr Danny Ash hanging upside down from silks in blue crop top and sucking on a rainbow icelolly
cabaret provocateur co-founder Shayla Ash as Petit Pois in her Woman In Red costume - wide brim red hat and big red coat

Danny Ash

CIRCUS & BOYLESQUE LEGEND & one of your Cabaret Provocateur producers and co-founder, Mr Danny Ash

Danny Ash grew up in Ashford, Surrey: He ditched the scrubs and his medicine career for the big lights in the city, and no, he didn't become a Waitress, he became a Cabaret and Circus superstar, even landing a place at Circus School.

Coming in at 5’3 and proving the BEST things come in small packages: he’s become known as East London’s Pocket Rocket and is an award winning Boylesque artist.

In 2019, Jason Reid of QX Magazine sat down with him to delve into the depths of his influence for their "People Who Shaped Me" feature. Before that, he graced the West End Stage in the dazzling SOHO, curated by Stufish.


More recently, his ventures have taken him across the globe aboard the Virgin Cruise Ship - Lady Valiant, where he briefly touched base to unveil the enchanting Cabaret Provocateur before setting sail for the next thrilling escapade.


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